The Geek Life #239: Russia vs Gay Apple, Google linking vs Spain Tax, Disney Movies Anywhere, and more!

“#1 in Exercise and Fitness”

Back in force with Paul, Mike, Melissa, and Fes; talking about Russia vs Gay Apple, Google linking vs Spain Tax, Disney Movies Anywhere, and more!



  • Paul — Ommegang Brewery – Three Philosophers Ale
  • Mike — Rogue – Voodoo Doughnut
  • Melissa — Great Lakes Brewing Company – Dortmunder Gold
  • Fes — Hot Apple Cider with Stoli

Video and Film:


  • How to Train Your Dragon 2


  • UHF (blu)
  • Sands of Iwo Jima (Blu) (John Wayne)
  • Demons (Lamberto Bava) / Demons 2 (blu)
  • The Ninth Configuration (Stacy Keach) (blu)
  • Gamera HD Bundle – 11 films – “#1 new release in Exercise and Fitness”


  • American Werewlf in London
  • Shaun of the Dead
  • Scarface


  • The Shooting / Ride the Whirlwind (Monte Hellman)

Warner Archives

  • Picture of Dorian Gray (George Sanders)


  • Thundercats – the complete (newer) series on Blu
  • The Avengers on Blu
  • Poirot – whole thing in a nice case
  • Quantum Leap

Titles of the Week

  • Let’s Ruin It with Babies
  • Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer

Barnes & Noble – 50% off Criterions till Dec 1

Disney Movies Anywhere:
“Buy Once”? Has Disney gone insane or have become more reasonable? (The Verge)


Calvin And Hobbes Creator Designs Poster For Angouleme International Comics Festival
But will not participate (

Star Wars returns to comics. Jaxxon is cannon.
Because since the sale of Star Wars to Disney, many Star Wars “Extended Universe” stuff has been dubbed “non-cannon”. This new comic series takes place after the events of A New Hope.

Comic of the Week:
Joan Conrad: Welfare Officer to the Weird and Wonderful


Russian Monument for Steve Jobs, Taken Down after Apple CEO Says He’s Gay
… That, no, the current CEO for Apple says that he, himself, is gay. Not Steve Jobs. (Washington Post)

Google’s new email app – Inbox!
Well I (Paul) got an invite and have started using it… Interesting so far. If you are a big “Inbox Zero” fan, it’s good for that approach to email. Nice UI, works well on iOS and web (and using the latest UI design from Android (“Material Design”). Overall works nicely in trying to help you clear out that inbox… Downside – Invite only, doesn’t work with the “pro” level Google apps.

General Geek:

Trent Reznor is an Apple employee?
He was a Creative Director at Beats so guess what… sounds like he’s on some sort of design role on a sekrit project. Having an actual creator working in the Apple music machine? Could be interesting… (Business Insider)
and… he’s 50 now… :-) (Billboard)

Spain Passes Link Tax
“The Spanish government has successfully passed a new copyright law which imposes fees for online content aggregators such as Google News, in an effort to protect its print media industry.
The new intellectual property law, known popularly as the “Google Tax” or by its initials LPI, requires services which post links and excerpts of news articles to pay a fee to the organisation representing Spanish newspapers, the Association of Editors of Spanish Dailies (known by its Spanish-language abbreviation AEDE).”

Rosetta touching down soon! – a.k.a. ESA gonna harpoon a comet!
Rosetta probe set to send out it’s lander. Has to harpoon itself to the comet so it doesn’t bounce off.



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Network News

Webfiction World is on official “Indefinite Hiatus”

Webfiction World is on official “Indefinite Hiatus”. This means it will not update in the foreseeable future.

It’s just down to me, Fes, to run things here. Friends and colleagues have long since moved on to other projects (aka didn’t have time for Webfiction World), and that is fine. However, I can’t run everything myself.

I need to focus on other projects, and keep this one out of mind. It takes QUITE a lot of work to scout for webfiction to read and get permissions to read. Not to mention that I’m a little dyslexic, and I need to prepare each reading in a certain way for me to follow; then of course recording multiple takes on the read, and editing it all together, etc. It’s a lot of work.

Especially when it’s only me, and I have other projects I need to work on.

So, unless I can find a couple of enthusiastic people willing to basically take over the podcast (though I could still produce them), I just can’t work on this podcast right now. I wish I could, but I can’t.

If you may be someone willing to take over the podcast (Ideally, I’d prefer 2-3 people), then please, EMAIL ME! I would love to see the show continue!

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