The Geek Life #246: Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show, Limostatin, NSA, and more!

“I Wasn’t Squished, Before!”

Paul has video problems as we talk about Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show, Limostatin, NSA, and more! We also announce that The Geek Life will be ending the show indefinitely as we reach episode 250. Any ideas for a final episode or two? Please drop us a line!



  • Melissa: Lagavulin
  • Paul: Lakefront Brewery (Milwaukee) – Big Easy Imperial Maibock
  • Richard: Pisang Ambon –
  • Fes: Root Beer

Video and Film:


Netflix to make a Legend of Zelda mini-Series
Which… Wait, Nintendo is letting them do this?? (Rolling Stone)

Jessica Williams will not replace Jon Stewart as The Daily Show host.
By her choice.

Saturday Night Live 40
It’s a thing that happened.



  • Birdman
  • Theory of Everything
  • The Interview
  • The Tale of Princess Kaguya
  • Life Itself
  • Nightcrawler


  • Kiss Me, Stupid
  • The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming
  • On Any Sunday
  • Beach Blanket Bingo
  • Muscle Beach Party
  • Psych Out
  • Wild Angels


  • An Autumn Afternoon (Ozu)
  • Don’t Look Now (Roeg)
  • A Day in the Country (Jean Renoir)

Title of the Week

  • Dick: The Documentary
    “Directed by first time filmmaker Brian Fender, Dick: The Documentary features 63 Craigslist-recruited anonymous New York men — including an ex-monk, a marine and a firefighter — stripping down and talking about their relationship to, thoughts about, and experiences with their penises.”


For $840 you can wear something more dorking than Google Glass
Sony has wearable glasses now too… and they are ugly. (The Register)

General Geek:

Making the rounds today NSA has infected your hard drives
Up to 14 years ago NSA has been infecting hd firmware with spyware… eeep. Could persist across machine wipes and re-infect the system. (The Register)

Hormone that limits insulin production found
Limostatin is it’s name, and aids in regulation of insulin. Scientists have been looking for something like it for a while. (Science News)

And in creepy yet maybe beneficial news…
Facebook can be used to detect postpartum depression in moms! um yay? Watching posting habits of new moms can indicate depression… (less posting, etc.) The barometer of social media… (Science News)



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Network News


Coming soon to the WCBN: Cinematic for the People!

Cinematic For The People is a home-grown, made-for-the-internet, “TV Series” that revolves around riffing movies, shorts, and sometimes serials. The show is kinda like MST3K, if you ever heard of them.

In 1999 they were actually on TV for about a year. A bit later, they started going around to conventions and doing live riffing. In 2012 they started recording themselves online and releasing the series to the internet.

Come 2015, they will be starting their 3rd season! Also, they will be joining the Webcast Beacon Network (Their WCBN homepage is here)!

Until season 3 starts, you can catch up on their past two seasons here, check out their main website; subscribe to their YouTube channel, as well as watch other special episodes there, not presently collected on the WCBN archive.

Still confused about what CFTP is? Well listen to the horse’s mouth:

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