The Geek Life #235: Something Something Apple, Blah Blah Comics, Ya-Di-Dah Minecraft

“How do you like them Apples?”

Richard rejoins the crew as Melissa is gone for Fantastic Fest. We talk largely about DC/Marvel movie and television productions, Apple, Apple, and more Apple, Minecraft bought by Microsoft, and more!


Video and Film:


  • Homeland: Season 3 (DVD, BD)
  • Supernatural, Season 9 (DVD, BD)
  • Godzilla 2000 (BD)
  • Prom Night (BD)
  • Rebirth of Mothra I, II, III (BD)
  • Young Frankenstein: 40th Anniversary (BD)
  • The Addams Family (Feature, BD)
  • Cotton Comes To Harlem (BD)
  • Lifeforce (BD)
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  • Godzilla (2014)


  • Agents of SHIELD, season 1
  • Arrow, Season 2
  • The Big Bang Theory (Series 7)
  • Sleepy Hollow (Season 1)
  • Grimm (Season Three)
  • Eraserhead (Criterion, BD)
  • From Dusk To Dawn (Season One)

Title of the Week

  • A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (BD)

Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary
Ghostbusters I & II on 4k BluRay with deleted scenes.


Supergirl to get the WB treatment
And by “WB”, I of course don’t mean a Warner Bros. Movie, but a TV show on the “WB” network. Really, it’s like they don’t care about the box office at all, and just wanna play on TV. Is that a good or bad thing? Is the money better or SAFER on TV? Discuss. (Entertainment Weekly)

Comic of the Week: Ruth & Annabel Ruin Everything


Google Voice, as expected, being integrated into Google Hangouts
Android, and iOS, apps will be updated so you’ll be able to place phone calls via Hangouts as well as get voice mail etc. Not perfect integration, but in process… so Google Voice as a separate app will probably go away… (iMore)

Most of MacWorld Staff laid off, day after the iOS announcement
IDG is closing up the print side operations… Will continue the web site with a skeleton staff. So end of the road, nice touch doing it the day after they work their tails off covering an Apple event. (9to5 Mac)

Oh and Apple had an event…
Uber issues w/ the livestream portion, fandom all in an uproar….

  • Bigger phones announced
  • ‘Apple Pay’ – payment system announced
  • ‘Apple Watch’ – shown, but no ship date till 2015
  • iPod Classic is no more… (quietly one from Apple store)
  • will we get a Mac and/or iPad/iPod event in a month?
  • Free U2 album…  (iMore editorial, in short griping about being given a free album is one of the more self-indulgent ‘first world’ problems to have…

General Geek:

Summit’s next Unchained is out
Herkulean Woods – All MN malts, maple syrup, and spruce tips from Iowa. 8.2%abv
Hopefully will be drinking it during the show…

Furry Migration
First Furry Con in Minnesota happened last week. Exceeded expectations.

Did you know Chubby Checker did a song for Dig Dug?
Was apparently for a commercial, but his vocals were ultimately not used. (Wired)


As rumored, MS buys Mojang (& Minecraft) for $2.5 Billion
Why? I don’t know… Minecraft iirc is written in Java… but hey maybe they’ll integrate Skype or Clippy, or finally improve the horrible graphics (sarcasm)? (KotakuCnet 1Cnet 2)

Actually sounds like the classic, it’s gotten too big and so is no longer any fun for the owners to run. Which makes sense, lot of players, lot of YouTube content generated, add-ons, etc.

We’ll see what MS does to it… (Notch’s goodbye letter here – as mentioned, just too big and not fun for him.)



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