The Geek Life #231: DashCon 2014, Black Captain America, Female Thor, Apple Doomed, Bats, and more!

“That’s Not A Fun Ball Pit”

This week we talk about DashCon 2014, Black Captain America, Female Thor, Apple Doomed, Bats, and more!


Video and Film:


  • Blue Ruin


  • Ginger Snaps (blu)
  • Legend of Billie Jean (blu)
  • Witness for the Prosecution (blu)
  • Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (Billy Wilder – blu)
  • Last Action Hero (blu)
  • Destroy All Monsters
  • Detour
  • Arch of Triumph (Ingrid Bergman – blu)
  • Body Double (De Palma – blu)


  • Insomnia
  • Scanners
  • Pickpocket (Bresson)
  • The Essential Jacques Demy (Lola, Bay of Angels, Donkey Skin, Une Chambre en Ville, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, The Young Girls of Rochefort)

Warner Archives

  • Show Boat


  • Challenge of the Go-Bots

Titles of the Weeks

  • The Last Horror Movie and The Last Horror Film (two unrelated movies)
  • Open Sesame: The History of Seeds
  • Clean the DVD
  • Kaleido Therapy

Anders Weberg is creating a 720 hour file – wants to get it out by 2020
from the article – for every hour that makes it into the film he edits down about 7 hours of material…


Black Captain America and Female Thor
… because why not? (Popwatch  – TimeEsquireWashington Post)

Comic of the Week: Giant’s Teeth

General Geek:

DashCon 2014 … An Extra Hour In The Ball Pit
Kraut got sour at this inaugural, tumblr-oriented fan convention. A ball pit, $17,000 supposedly mismanaged, Night Vale crew walking out due to massive incompetence of the organizers… (Tumblr TagThe Geek DiaryThe Escapist) Or not? Also a self-Q&A by a panelist.

Obligatory Dashcon 2014 Ball Pit

Obligatory Dashcon 2014 Ball Pit Image

Apple is Doooooooommmmeeeedddd!
Oh wait… $37.4 bn in Mac & iOS sales. $7.7 bn in revenue for their 3rd quarter. Doomed I say! (The Register)
Oh, and IBM will be selling iPads & iPhones, Apple will provide hardware support, IBM will provide enterprise management software. (The Register) (Could it be? Lotus Notes for the iPad? Cough!)

Bats use polarized light to navigate: First mammal known to use polarization patterns in the sky to navigate
The bats use the way the sun’s light is scattered in the atmosphere at sunset to calibrate their internal magnetic compass, which helps them to fly in the right direction, a new study has shown. (Science Daily)


YouTube will allow video of their games… if they get the ad revenue
Nintendo has been really on keeping their game content from showing on video sites (like Let’s Plays). But this deal with YouTube means that they’ll get ad revenue from it now. (Polygon)



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So we are looking for anyone that has a passion for the medium to come on board and either read some of your favorite (and some new-to-you) webfiction, or possibly do some audio reviews of webfiction.

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