The Geek Life #244: Windows 10, Shaving, Dongles, Hacking, and more!

“Naked in Front of Stormwind”

Just Fes and Paul this week. We talk a bit about Windows 10 (which turns into a conversation about shaving), the Thunderbolt Dongle exploit, Freebooting, Child Hackers, and more!



Video and Film:


MS “Consumer Reveal” for Windows 10 on Wed Jan 21
Announced last September w/ and early beta download, the consumer preview version gets announced on Wednesday. Shooting for a formal launch Fall 2015. (

Crash Override – Zoe Quinn creates anti-harassment online task force
Crowd source people together, provide resources to those who have gotten doxed, etc. They have helped prevent one Swating attempt. (Ars Technica)
From the Article –
The Crash Override site, built by Quinn and game developer Alex Lifschitz, offers free services from “experts in information security, white hat hacking, PR, law enforcement, legal, threat monitoring, and counseling” for “victims of online mob harassment.” According to the site, those experts are “mostly former clients” who have faced similar online threats, and their efforts will not include “retaliatory action against abusers.”


Comic of the Week: Maximumble by Chris Hallbeck


Microsoft to kill Internet Explorer.
Nobody wants it anyway. Oh, they are making a new one called Spartan. Cue “300” GIF.


Malicious Thunderbolt Dongle
No really it’s a hack against the Thunderbolt port on a mac computer… It does require plugging in a compromised Thunderbolt device and rebooting with it in place (or just booting up). It can then rewrite the mac’s firmware (and not firmware/boot passwords won’t help). At that point the only cure is… a new motherboard.

But this is at the level of stuxnet, not easy to pull off at first, and takes some effort as you have to alter/write a new firmware for the mac.

Only proof of concept so far, no known exploit yet… (NSA?)

(Info Security  – Naked Security)

Freebooting – explanation of what it is, and how it hurts YouTube content creators
Essentially people are capturing YouTube vids, stripping them of advert content, then load them to Facebook as if they owned the vid.
So the content creator gets squat (as revenue is based on views), Facebook is slow to pull the vids down (cause they get the ad revenue).
So if you see it happening, be a nice person and report it. :-)

Lizard Squad is a group is full of kid hackers
Not only are they getting arrested, but they also stored their customers’ data unencrypted (Silicon Angle)


Nintendo to end their Club Nintendo Program

General Geek:

NASA takes the largest picture ever
About 4.3GB of data of a high-def look at part of the Andromeda Galaxy (NASA) (video)



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