The Geek Life #225: “I Believe That’s True, Somewhere!” – Ebertfest 2014, Comixology, Atari E.T. landfill found, 8K Endoscope, and more!

Melissa gives us a full run down of her run visit to Ebertfest 2014. buys Comixology to keep money away from Apple, an 8K Television is created in time for an 8K endoscope, previously unknown Amiga Computer digital art from Andy Warhol… and more!

Video and Film:


  • Escape from Tomorrow
  • Big Bad Wolves


  • Sorcerer (Blu)
  • Francis the Talking Mule – Complete Collection
  • The Wind and the Lion (Sean Connery, Blu)
  • Gamera movies on Blu
  • Sophie’s Choice (blu)
  • The Strange Woman (Hedy Lamarr)
  • Get Carter (Michael Caine, Blu)
  • Get Carter (Stallone, Blu)
  • The Pawnbroker (Rod Steiger)


  • Il Sorpasso
  • Riot in Cell Block 11
  • Master of the House


  • Hill Street Blues – The Complete Series
  • Godzilla – Complete Animated Series

Titles of the Week

  • The Mormon Wars (War on Polygamy!)
  • Nosferatu vs. Father Pipecock and Sister Funk (with Max Schreck and Trenchmouth Colitis)


  • Comixology bought by Amazon.
    Removes in-app purchases, just so it doesn’t have to pay Apple for in-app purchase fees. (The Verge and Comics Alliance)
  • We Are Comics movement
    Much like the “fake geek girl” mentality, women are still pointedly attacked in comics. So one of the latest movements is “We Are Comics”, and showing the diversity of creators and readers. (Comics Beat, We Are Comics)
    -> Additionally: An anti-fangirl t-shirt that helped to add recent fuel to the fire: (The Mary Sue) … and the response.

General Geek:

  • New Mexico landfill, filled with Atari E.T. games: MYTH CONFIRMED! (NPR and The Guardian)
  • Kepler 186F – earth sized and in its star’s “habitable zone”. (
  • 8k TV from Hitachi coming soon! (The Verge)
  • Speaking of 8k… An 8K Endoscope (Gizmodo):
    As an endoscope, for surgery… High def allows unprecedented detail. Fine structures that couldn’t be seen before, allow better accuracy. Downside? Current cameras are 209 grams and handheld. This one is 2 kilograms and needs a tripod. Hitachi thinks it’ll take 2 years to shrink it down enough and get approval.
  • Elon Musk/SpaceX sues Air Force
    Boeing-Lockheed Martin are current provider of launch vehicles to the Air Force. SpaceX is suing over this being a monopoly now that there are viable alternatives. Lucrative market where competition might bring the price down. (SFGate)
  • Andy Warhol art recovered from ancient computer (Studio for Creative Inquiry)
  • More than 30 years ago, Robert Farquhar stole a spacecraft, and now he’s trying to give it back! (NPR)


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