The Geek Life #227: Godzilla, Comixology, Fukushima’s “Ice Wall”, Solar “Freaking” Roadways!, David Goyer, and more!

“Don’t Fat-Shame The Kaiju!”

Melissa and Richard are out this week as we talk about Gozilla, Comixology partner Apps, Fukushima’s “Ice Wall” plan, Solar “Freaking” Roadways!, David “She-Hulk is only a sex object” Goyer, and more!

Video, Film, & TV:

Godzilla vlog with Melissa and Lewis (spoilers – Atop The Fourth Wall)

Original Sailor Moon Anime to get re-dubbed for English Audience
The kicker? Uneditted, with everyone’s relationships INTACT, as they were meant to be. (Anime News Network)

Walking Dead, Bigger than Football
Well, admittedly, they are talking about the television series. (The Wire)


DC Hiring
F-Ton of jobs opened up (The Comics Beat)

Man of Steel Sequel Writer, David Goyer, Calls Marvel’s She-Hulk “A Giant Green Porn Star,” Insults Geeks.. well, most everyone…
This is the lead writer for the WBs DC domain… Oy vey (The Mary Sue)
Timeline (The Comics Beat)
Stan Lee weighs in (The Washington Post)

More on Comixology, and how In-App-Purchases have been removed (because of
Seems that most other comic publishers that have apps “powered” by Comixology, will still have in-app purchases available. (Comic Book Resources)


Fukushima approved to use “Ice Wall”
The underground “ice wall” will be used to keep the radioactive materials and water from seeping into local water supplies. (The Verge)

Google and Nest consider DropCam for move into Home Security
Is Google ramping up to directly compete with Comcast in all avenues now? Or just trying to collect more information on you? Both? (The Verge)

We have Moisture Farmers!
Invention designed to collect water from the air, meant to help peoples that have little access to water. (NPR)

Solar “Freaking” Roadways
You might have heard about these recently. (Indie Go-Go Campaign)

General Geek:

The Oatmeal asks Elon Musk help towards $8 million to help finish the Tesla Museum.
Musk replies “I would be happy to help.” (The Oatmeal: link 1link 2)

Not Science:

Creationists have a new Allosaurus skeleton that “died in the great flood”.
Because they don’t use carbon dating the same way real scientists do. (The Wire)


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