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Here is a selection of favorite episodes of
The Webcomic Beacon,
the comic and
creator podcast, since 2007 (short list):

Webcomic Beacon #253 -
Interview with Mark Waid

Webcomic Beacon #251 – 
Print-On-Demand Options for Cartoonists

Webcomic Beacon #244 –
Blaxploitation with David Walker

Webcomic Beacon #223 –
Storytelling in Comics

Webcomic Beacon #212 –
4th Anniversary Special!

Webcomic Beacon #207 –
A Business Guide to Conventions

Webcomic Beacon #206 –
The End of The World!

Webcomic Beacon #205 -
Josh Lesnick and a Revisit to Adult Comics

Webcomic Beacon #197 –
Toons and Porn with Amanda Lafrenais & Lin Visel

Webcomic Beacon #181 – Payment and Funding Options

Webcomic Beacon #168 – The Bechdel Test aka the Mo-Movie Measure

Webcomic Beacon #141 – Professional Coloring

Webcomic Beacon #127 – Define: “Comics”

Webcomic Beacon #117 – Success in Webcomics

Webcomic Beacon #97 – Plot Lines and Story Pacing

Webcomic Beacon #81 – Lettering & Fonts

Webcomic Beacon #61 – Hobbyists vs Professionalists

Webcomic Beacon #55 – Vote Incentives & Fanservice

Webcomic Beacon #44 – The 10 Commandments of Webcomic Production

Webcomic Beacon #39 – Restarting Your Webcomic

Webcomic Beacon #20 – Jenny Everywhere

Here is a selection of favorite episodes of
First Issue, the first issue comic book
video review series, since 2012 (short list):

First Issue Review #60:
Barack The Barbarian #1 (2009)

First Issue Review #58:
Street Heroes 2005 #1 (1989)

First Issue Review #54: Stech #1 (1986)

First Issue Review #52:
All-Star Western #1 (2011)

First Issue Review #51:
The Fury of Firestorm, The Nuclear Men #1 (2011)

First Issue Review #43:
Green Lantern: New Guardians #1 (2011)

First Issue Review #39:
Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 (2011)

First Issue Review #34: Aquaman #1 (2011)

First Issue Review #32: Wonder Woman #1 (2011)

First Issue Review #18: Batwoman #1 (2011)

First Issue Review #5: Superman: Action Comics #1 (2011)

Here is a selection of favorite episodes of
Webfiction World, 
the online fiction
writing podcast, since 2011 (short list):

Webfiction World #14: NaNoWriMo!

Webfiction World #7:
The Ins and Outs of Fanfiction

Webfiction World #1:
An Introduction to Webfiction

Webfiction Serial Readings:
Tales of the Big Bad Wolf: Little Red Riding Hood


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While we are fondly rooted as a podcast “by and for amateur webcomic creators”, we’ve since moved on to cover a wider array of topics and aspects of interest for a wider scope of both readers and creators. Still, we advocate webcomics for the love of the hobby and expression, first and foremost.

The Webcomic Beacon is still podcast is designed for webcomic lovers and aspiring creators. We are here to share our opinions and experiences, as well as the opinions and experiences of our listeners and many guests!

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Looking for Readers and Reviewers for Webfiction World!

We are looking for new webfiction readers and reviewers for out Webfiction World podcast!

What started simply as a podcast introduction to webfiction, weblit, and webserials; transformed into a podcast focusing on reading webfiction. All as an audio introduction to a variety of webfiction available.

Since then, regulars from the show have moved on, and one person can not easily hold this show up.

So we are looking for anyone that has a passion for the medium to come on board and either read some of your favorite (and some new-to-you) webfiction, or possibly do some audio reviews of webfiction.

For any questions about this, please email, or comment on this post!

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