Webcomic Beacon Newscast: Comic News & Discussion for April 15, 2012; with Brad Guigar

Brad Guigar (Evil Inc. and joins the crew for this week’s discussion. For bringing you the news, we have Thomas Revor, Eric Kimball, Alex Heberling, and Jason Strawsburg!

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Top Stories

Stan Lee launches his own comic convention
Original Source: CNN Geek Out Blog

Comic Con in Dubai
Original Source: Time Out Dubai


Tommy Lee Edwards assembles “Brandon Generator” with Edgar Wright
Original Source: Comic Book Resources

Marvel opens digital comics store front
Original Source: Robot 6, Comic Book Resources

DC Comics to add more digital-first content
Original Source: Robot 6, Comic Book Resources

C2E2: The Kickstarter panel – Turning it into a Living
Original Source: Bleeding Cool


The Future of online media is many different revenue streams
Original Source: GiGaOM

Google+ may allow 3rd party aps
Original Source: GiGaOM

The benefit of having comments even if they are bad
Original Source: GiGaOM


Netflix creates pro-CISPA super-PAC?
Original Source: RT.Com
Additionally: Though Netflix Denies the claim. (

What is CISPA anyway?
Original Source: GiGaOM

They can’t all be SOPA: Are webizens ready to fight with nuance?
Original Source: GiGaOM

Arizona’s anti-trolling law pulled
Original Source: Robot 6


Do it yourself print making
Original Source: Making Comics

Brief history of the word Webcomic
Original Source: MTV Geek


Interview with Brad Guigar

Original Source: Fleen

A second Brad Guigar interview
Original Source: MTV Geek

Alan Moore calls the Comic Industry a bunch of Gangsters on British TV
Found via: Comics AllianceOriginal Source: Bleeding Cool


Gunnerkrigg Court wins march mix madness
Original Source: ComicMix

Eric Stephenson: “The sky is not falling”
Original Source: The Beat

Digital Comics Resources: The End of Comics as we know it – or not
Original Source: Comic Book Resources

About Comics goes digital only
Original Source: The Beat


Cosmetic ads in the Marvel App
Original Source: Bleeding Cool

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Though they don’t have that many at the moment.

Hey everyone

The best way to deal with trolls and haters is to SINCERELY acknowledge them, thank them and validate them. It’s very important to NOT be dismissive, condescending or underestimate them, cuz there’s enough of that on the internet as it is. Ignoring them and/or reacting to them negatively doesn’t help anyone, and only reinforces their tendencies to act out.

They’re usually just trying to be funny and have fun, but sometimes they do have an agenda. So maintain your dignity at all times and treat them as you would a fan. It’s awesome how often trolls and haters turn out to be nice, helpful and insightful people.

The only drawback is that this can take serious amounts of time, so choose the types of people you want to respond to very carefully!

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