Webcomic Beacon #72: Open Forum: [Insert Title Here]

CJ (Steal This Comic), Drowemos (Exiern, Legacy, and Knit Princess) and Zack (Insert Comic Here) call in to talk to Fes, Tanya, and Mark about whatever was on their mind.  Much of the discussion focused on Conventions.

Milestones: Crossoverlord (1 yr), Mikey’s Life (100 strips), Tales of the middle kingdom (1 yr). This week we set our Impressions on The Artiste Manquee, Jayden and Crusader, Big Sandy Gilmore, A Rusty Life, and All Manner of Bad!

Thanks to George for recording the sites mentioned on the show:
Penguicon, Gypsy!, Sinfest, Song of Straygo, Union of Heroes, Fanboys Convention List, Poison Wind (the comic is gone), Sequential Art, Spider and Scorpion, Johnny the Homicidal manic, Evil Inc., Ka-Blam, Bone, Steve Hamaker, Geek Tragedy, Surfboard and Rayguns, Zap!, The Non-Adventures of Wonderella.

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*laughs* I just got to the “furry gigolo” comment. Damn it, Mark! Stop making me snort my ice water. 😀 I still need to draw you all those cover ideas I have. Matt needs to stop coming up with side projects. Or learn to draw. Whichever comes first.

Wow, you talked about me again, and this time not just because I asked! You made a really good point though, I should update more often… I’ve been thinking I should for a while, but now that it’s been said by someone else I’m gonna really push myself to do it. Good job with the show and thanks!

Ah, it’s my favorite podcast, The Webcomic Beacpn”.

How do you pronounce that, anyway? :)

And I’ll listen to your Jenny Everywhere presentation, Fes. I’ll have to be up by 10 for the brunch, anyway.

Perhaps Fes, Mark, and Tanya are planning to combine all their projects into one.

“PSI: BeacPwned Lake”. With special guest appearance by Jenny Everywhere! :)

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