The Webcomic Beacon teams up with The Geek Life

The Webcomic Beacon has change many times over the years, and right now it is focusing on comic reviews (and hopefully interviews again).

So the comic news and discussion or “Newscast”, as it were, has fallen by the wayside in recent months. However, with The Geek Life podcast being a “general geek” podcast, we thought we would try something out.

The Geek Life was already part of the Webcast Beacon Network, and covered video releases along with other geek-pop-culture tidbits (all the way back to 2008). Though they have been lacking on the comics coverage. So, The Webcomic Beacon’s Fes Works will be joining The Geek Life crew, to help fix this!

While Fes will be keeping an eye out for choice comics and art related news and happenings, listeners should still feel free to email or tweet at The Webcomic Beacon for things they would like to hear discussed! If there happens to be a very big issue to discuss — one that may take up a whole episode, perhaps with guests — we may do a special episode of The Webcomic Beacon as well (or instead)!

Fes joins The Geek Life crew on their episode 224.

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