Webcomic Blind Date

Sign-up is open until Tuesday, January 20th, 2015!

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and we have revitalized “Blind Date” project that Xavier Xerexes (of ComixTalk) had originally created. This will be the 4th year of the comeback! The way that Webcomic Blind Date will work, is that people will email us (at webcomicbeacon@gmail.com) as either a comic WRITER, a comic ARTIST, or as EITHER (with preference, if any), or BOTH (meaning you can be a writer AND and artist).

The idea is to pair writers and artists with each other as a “blind date”, and then they are to create a valentines day comic (including single panels) in time for Valentine’s day. We will, in turn, link to all completed products on our site, to where ever the artist/writer teams post theirs.

This is much like the Webcomic “Secret Santa”.

Please email us by Tuesday, January 20th, 2014 (maybe be extended an additional week), indicating that you are a Writer, Artist, or if you can do either or both (this will help in the imbalance of entries). Also include if you have any restrictions (such as you can’t work over a PG rating, etc), or any other sort of things you want us to take into consideration. The idea is that the writer would write the comic (or single panel), and the artist would draw it. In the end you will have to work together. We will announce and post the pairings on the website, and also will like the links to the final products in time for Valentine’s Day!

By DEFAULT, the end result should be PG or less.

Want to do something a bit higher than PG-13, NC-17, or R? Check out the Valentine’s Day Sex Drive 2015 post for more risque event.


Webcomic Blind Date 2012

Webcomic Blind Date 2013

Webcomic Blind Date 2014

Webcomic Blind Date 2015

Network News


Coming soon to the WCBN: Cinematic for the People!

Cinematic For The People is a home-grown, made-for-the-internet, “TV Series” that revolves around riffing movies, shorts, and sometimes serials. The show is kinda like MST3K, if you ever heard of them.

In 1999 they were actually on TV for about a year. A bit later, they started going around to conventions and doing live riffing. In 2012 they started recording themselves online and releasing the series to the internet.

Come 2015, they will be starting their 3rd season! Also, they will be joining the Webcast Beacon Network (Their WCBN homepage is here)!

Until season 3 starts, you can catch up on their past two seasons here, check out their main website; subscribe to their YouTube channel, as well as watch other special episodes there, not presently collected on the WCBN archive.

Still confused about what CFTP is? Well listen to the horse’s mouth:

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