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About The Webcast Beacon Network

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The Webcast Beacon Network is a podcast network comprised of shows set on covering and promoting creativity and the creative process in story telling. We are committed to those that wish to create and express themselves: to have fun, learn, make connections, and grow.

The Webcast Beacon Network actually began, way back in 2007, as The Webcomic Beacon podcast; aimed at covering topics and interviewing creators and professionals that hobbyist and amateur cartoonists would find helpful, enjoyable, and entertaining. We expanded our programming and comic coverage in 2010; which looked at current events and news that impacts comics and independent comic creators. Frequent guests and discussions flesh out this show’s relative and timely programming. Additionally, we attempted to expanded our offerings for creators, The Tropecast came into being; with a look into memes, tropes, and other repetitive, literary tools.

A show specifically catering to writers, brought Webfiction World in 2011. With a focus on periodic, web-released fiction writing, Webfiction World offers guides and perspective for those that do not require the comics medium. Readings of webfiction supplement each episode.

The Webcomic Beacon Presents: First Issue became our first video webseries, debuting in 2011. A comic book review series with three hosts of varying comic book reading backgrounds; including amateur to professional comic creators. This show gives well-round reviews of comic book series’ first issues, to see if they succeed or fail as first issues.

Check out the shows we have to offer, and their archives; or try a selection of favorite episodes. Show content ratings are usually PG-13, for language.


Some of The Webcast Beacon Network

Mike Dellheim, Adam Smithee, Alex Heberling, Tanya Higgins, Mark Savary, Fes Works

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ThisCrew and Credits
A list of everyone that works on The Webcast Beacon Network, and their other sites.

Contact Information
A variety of ways to contact us, including email, Twitter, and voicemail.

How We Do The Shows (Well, SOME shows…)
We’ve been asked, here’s the answer. May not be 100% current.

Frequently Asked Questions
Yeah, those.

Convention Appearances
The Webcast Beacon crew, in all or in part, may be at a convention near you!

Link to us! (if you want)


Some music utilized on The Webcast Beacon Network programming comes from Music Alley from Mevio, The Funny Music Project: The FuMP, and Lapfox Trax; and are noted as such when used.

Website design and content, music, images, podcasts and content, except where noted, “The Webcomic Beacon”, “The Tropecast”, “Webfiction World”, “Becky Beacon”, “First Issue”, “The Webcast Beacon Network”, and the “Beacon Tower” are trademarks and copyrighted to Fesworks, LLC.

The Webcast Beacon Network was hosted on Xepher.net from until August 2008;
then hosted on The Rampage Network until September 2012;
finally hosted by The Hiveworks comic publishing group until December 2013.

Network News


The Webcomic Beacon’s Final Comic Book Give-Away!

UPDATED (see bottom)

This is it! The FINAL Webcomic Beacon comic book giveaway! It is not the same as the one’s we’ve done in the past. Mode of entry will be strictly re-postings via Social Media based. Retweets on Twitter, Reblogs on Tumblr, Reposts on Facebook and Google+. Likes and favorites won’t count.

What can you win?


  • Poorcraft by Iron Spike and Diana Nock
  • side a: The Music Lovers’ Graphic Novel (multiple creators)
  • side b: The Music Lovers’ Comic Anthology (multiple creators)
  • We Can Fix It! by Jess Fink
  • Funday Comics: The Neighbors Have Two Flamingos by Brad Diller
  • I’m Famous! by Michael Balisteri & Alex Siquig
  • Black Snow by by Michael Balisteri & Alex Siquig
  • Catching Lucifer’s Lunch by The Brothers May (signed)
  • Twisted Peel vol. 1 by Peter Roy
  • Family Bones Vol 1 & 2 by Shawn Granger
  • Ardra #1 by Jason Dunstan, Fes Works, and John Peters
  • Jenny Everywhere: When Casting Calls by Jason Frank & Scott Wegener
  • Custard on Chinchilla Island by Julie Sydor
  • Song from the Raven Planet by Julie Sydor
  • A Parent’s Guide: Clown Safety by Julie Sydor
  • If you Make a Crow a Nest by Julie Sydor

There will be three winners. The grand winner will get EVERYTHING shown here. The next two winners will receive at least a copy of Poorcraft,  Ardra #1, Jenny Everywhere: When Casting Calls, and the Julie Sydor comics (4)! To get in the Random drawing, just follow the social media below. Winner will be picked on April 1st, 2014!

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UPDATE April 2, 2014

First prize winner picked: @SamhainNight which gets the whole lot, listed above!

Second prize winner is: @Mink_LaLa which gets Poorcraft, Ardra, Jenny, Julie Sydor’s comics, Catching Lucifer’s Lunch, and Family Bones!

Third prize winner is: @BlackSnowComic which gets Poorcraft, Ardra, Jenny, and Julie Sydor’s comics!

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