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Episode Sponsoring
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Episode Sponsoring

There are several shows offered from The Webcast Beacon Network, many of which can be sponsored!* Posted rates are for self-publishing or independent writers and artists**.

Webcomic Beacon:
Audio Episodes¹: $10 | $35 for 4 (~13% off)
Video Episodes²: $20 | $50 for 3 (~17% off)
Includes image splicing/panning for the video.

Affiliate Programs:
Not offered at this time.

Each episode sponsorship includes:

  • ¹ 30-60 second audio clip of a script for us to read, to be played within the episode.
    ² 15-20 second video clip, spliced with images/video/audio you provide, and/or provided by us.
  • 468×60 banner ad link for your site is placed on the published episode post.

after reading more info below:

*Not every episode of each show may be sponsorable. Specific episodes, especially ones expected to have higher than normal traffic, may incur a higher rate, or have multiple sponsors. Episode sponsorships otherwise cover episodes as they become published. We will verify sponsorship before publishing episodes, in case there is a conflict of interest due to subject, content, or guest that may appear on said episode.

**Corporate and Commercial, non-creator based products/services, longterm/continuous, and/or specialized sponsorship opportunities, including additional website advertising, may be negotiated.


Picking a Show
Episodes are listed in advance as much as possible. These episodes may be purchased in advance, as episode sponsorship is sold on a first come, first serve basis. Specific topic or specific guest episodes, if not yet scheduled, shows be reserved in advance on a case-by-case basis. Specific dates may also be purchased.

EVEN IF you don’t care what episode you want to sponsor, consider giving us restrictions of what you DON’T want to have you ad run with. We occasionally have shows that are more adult, political, or potential controversial. I recommend you keep in touch with us (or check the calendar) for future episodes in case you actually DO care! Otherwise we typically set people that “don’t care” up with whatever show comes next (even if not previously scheduled).

We’ll need a 468×60 banner ad, with the proper link for which you want people to click to visit. Image must be PG-13 appropriate. If linking to 18+ material, a warning must be obvious. Sponsors may submit their own recordings, or may submit a script, pitches, or a description for us; Then we can record the promo ourselves. Payment must be received before the broadcast day of said episode(s).

Shit happens, and sometimes a show is canceled or postponed. If a show is canceled, or topic/guest is postponed to another show, you may elect to move your sponsorship accordingly, pick another show to sponsor. Otherwise sponsorships are locked in, once approved for and paid.

Not allowing ads of any form of incredibly offensive or any form of a discriminatory nature, should be a given. All sponsorships and advertising must abide by rules stipulated by our host and server’s datacenter (if any). Void where prohibited.

We will not allow ads be in direct conflict of interest with the guests or show topic, for a particular episode desired for sponsorship. That’s just bad form for all parties, decided on a case-by-case basis.

We reserve the right refuse any sponsorship. Agreed upon and paid sponsorships will not be removed unless the sponsor alters their linked content to something that goes against the restrictions and original agreement, after the fact.

Sponsors are solely responsible for the content of their site. The Webcast Beacon Netw0rk, it’s subsidiaries or affiliates claims no responsibility for Sponsor’s content, claims, or actions. The Webcast Beacon Network will act in accordance with the law if it ever comes to such. We reserve the right to revoke and deny refunds to anyone changing a pre-approved advertisement/link, in accordance with legal and/or goverment authority (but we don’t expect this to happen).

The Webcast Beacon Network, The Rampage Network, either of their staff or affiliates may not be held liable for any misuse of copyrighted material NOT owned by a Sponsor, though claimed (explicitly or implied) by them. Sponsors are responsible for their own site’s content and claims, and speak for themselves.

In the event of a particular show and/or guest being canceled or postponed, and it can’t be rescheduled within 30 days, the sponsor may choose a different sponsorship arrangement, or opt for a refund of that episode’s sponsorship. Any potential sponsor that pays before having their ad(s) approved, and don’t get approved, will be refunded.

Website Advertising

We currently have a few ads that people can take advantage of through Project Wonderful. All of these ads appear on every page of the site. He have a 160×600 Tower to the right a 468×60 Banner and also a large 728×90 Leaderboard at the top of every page.

Some or all of these ads may appear on a few other Fesworks, LLC websites as well (including The Jenny Everywhere Shifter Archive, P.S.I., and WebcomicZ)

Donation & Payments

Please use PayPal for any donations and payments. Please use ““. We will be looking into micropayments/subscriptions soon.


If anyone has questions, or want more details, they may e-mail us. Even if you are just curious, hey that’s fine. Contact WebcastBeacon-at-gmail-dot-com.

Network News


Coming soon to the WCBN: Cinematic for the People!

Cinematic For The People is a home-grown, made-for-the-internet, “TV Series” that revolves around riffing movies, shorts, and sometimes serials. The show is kinda like MST3K, if you ever heard of them.

In 1999 they were actually on TV for about a year. A bit later, they started going around to conventions and doing live riffing. In 2012 they started recording themselves online and releasing the series to the internet.

Come 2015, they will be starting their 3rd season! Also, they will be joining the Webcast Beacon Network (Their WCBN homepage is here)!

Until season 3 starts, you can catch up on their past two seasons here, check out their main website; subscribe to their YouTube channel, as well as watch other special episodes there, not presently collected on the WCBN archive.

Still confused about what CFTP is? Well listen to the horse’s mouth:

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