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Becky is our cover girl, of sorts. Normally she’s an average build, average height woman, with a bit of pudge. She has long brown hair and blue eyes. She’s also a mute, so she doesn’t speak, but she smiles a lot. A nice seemingly average girl that can do anything, really!

Anyone, at any time can submit a general cover IF you have Becky on the cover in some form or another. Please read more on contributing Becky art, before submitting.

Artwork by Diana Nock. Becky Beacon is a copyright and trademark of The Webcast Beacon Network & Fesworks, LLC

Becky Beacon is ™ and © of The Webcast Beacon Network and Fesworks, LLC.
All art is © to those that drew them.

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Looking for Readers and Reviewers for Webfiction World!

We are looking for new webfiction readers and reviewers for out Webfiction World podcast!

What started simply as a podcast introduction to webfiction, weblit, and webserials; transformed into a podcast focusing on reading webfiction. All as an audio introduction to a variety of webfiction available.

Since then, regulars from the show have moved on, and one person can not easily hold this show up.

So we are looking for anyone that has a passion for the medium to come on board and either read some of your favorite (and some new-to-you) webfiction, or possibly do some audio reviews of webfiction.

For any questions about this, please email, or comment on this post!

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